When & Where are Rehearsals?

The best way to get involved is to get involved!

Do I need Experience?


Regardless of whether you are a novice or a virtuoso, all levels of musical experience are welcome. All you need to do is practice!

How much do you charge for tuition?

Nothing! £0! $0! €0!

We do have a small annual membership subscription fee which helps to pay the rent on the hall that we use each week. What we ask for in return is that everyone aims towards performing with the Band at our various engagements.

How Long Does it take to Learn?

Usually about 12 months

You will first master a few tunes on the practice chanter such as Amazing Grace, before you then take on the Great Highland Bagpipes. Once you are comfortable, you will be kitted out with a full uniform and put on parade as part of the rank and file.

Are Bagpipes Hard to Play?

Not as hard as you might expect!

As with any new skill, it can be tricky, to begin with, however, you will improve with perseverance.

I am a Kit Drummer; Can I join?


Highland drumming is slightly different to kit drumming, however, you will probably pick it up really quickly.

Is it Expensive?

Not really.

Uniform is purchased and owned by the band.

Instruments are owned by the individuals, so you can spend as much or as little as you like. For perspective, as a rough guide you might expect to spend;

Second Hand, Mid-Range Bagpipes~£300
New, Good Bagpipes~£900 to ~£1,100
Amazing Bagpipes with Hand Engraved Silver>£1k

More expensive bagpipes are available, but please talk to us before spending these larger sums of money.


We are a family band.

Wherever the road will “tak” you, as a member of EFPB, you won’t just have friends, you will always have an extension to your family.